This Day in History: September 27

Graphic by Anna Petersen

1905: Albert Einstein introduces E=mc2:  Albert Einstein’s, “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?”, was published in the physics journal Annalen der Physik. Within this dissertation, Einstein analyzed his theory of relativity, and debuting arguably the world’s most famous equation: E=mc2. Einstein later won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 and is still considered one of the most influential physicists today.

1930: Bobby Jones wins the Grand-Slam:  Bobby Jones wins the U.S. Amateur title, marking his fourth major championship win within the same year. After winning the British Amateur, British Open, U.S. Open, and finally the U.S. Amateur, all within the same year, Jones found himself earning the Grand-Slam title, golf’s most prestigious award. The 28-year old was the first golfer in history to accomplish this glorious feat.

1938: FDR appeals to Hitler:  As the threat of war in Europe persisted, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt writes to German Chancellor Adolf Hitler requesting for peace. Within this letter of appeal, Roosevelt seeks peaceful negotiations specifically between Germany and Czechoslovakia until they can find a rational and valid solution. He also suggested that all of the countries involved in the conflict should gather and discuss the issues at hand. Additionally, Roosevelt ensured Hitler that the United States would remain neutral concerning European politics, but that their involvement is simply part of their responsibility “as part of a world of neighbors.” However, Hitler disregarded any and all international pleas for a peaceful resolution and invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939.

1998: Google:  The celebration of the search engine’s birthday. Though this date is considered the company’s official birthday, it has actually been changed a few times throughout the past two decades. Starting from the beginning, Sept. 15, 1997, was when Google’s domain name was officially created and registered. However, the company decided its birthday celebration would land on Sept. 4 of the following year, 1998, to commemorate its incorporation. Then, in 2005, they decided to mark Sept. 27, 1998, as its newest birthday, to represent one of its milestones. Since 2005, though, Google has maintained this date for 13 years and counting.

2014:  Eruption of Mount Ontake: The volcano can be found on Honshu, a Japanese island about 120 miles west of Tokyo. Killing 63 innocent people, this eruption–with no significant indicators to warn authorities–was the first fatal volcanic eruption in Japan since 1991 and the deadliest since 1902. After investigation, it was determined that the unforeseen eruption was caused by a hydrothermal explosion, meaning extremely hot water that was trapped below the earth’s surface rapidly changed from a liquid to steam.

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