Things to do while quarantined

By Rose Gottschalk

So you have the virus? Or at least maybe came into contact with it? Well, here are some ways to kill time while you’re holed up at home, happy to finally have an excuse to cancel all your plans. Introverts rejoice!

  1. Create a playlist or two for your time cooped up. Add some throw backs and current stuff. Might as well add some country, let those roads take you home.
  2. Cook everything listed in the cookbook that’s growing dust on a shelf.
  3. Binge watch Greys Anatomy for the third time.
  4. Open the fridge and check out the food. Yeah, it’s the tenth time in the last hour and no one’s been in or out of the house, but you have to make sure that almost empty carton of milk hasn’t moved.
  5. Actually watch the movies on your To Be Watched list.
  6. Read the books you bought and promised to read, but gave up on and Google searched Sparknotes instead.
  7. Paint your room, it needed a new color anyway.
  8. Fill your online shopping cart with things you want, but definitely can’t afford since you’re not getting a paycheck this week.
  9. Binge watch The Office for the tenth time.
  10. Cuddle your pet. Don’t have a pet? Stand on your porch and shake a bowl of Goldfish until one shows up. It may be a raccoon, but hey, name it Trash Panda and you’ve adopted a pet!
  11. Realize it’s only been 17 hours (help).
  12. No matter what, keep a positive attitude. Even though it feels like forever, soon you’ll know freedom.

Stay strong, Duhawks!

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Rose Gottschalk is a copy editor for The Lorian.

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