The Top 5 Coldest Characters from ‘The Walking Dead’

Warning: this article may contain spoilers for AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ has created a universe where everybody must be a soldier in order to survive.  From killing “Walkers,” enemies, and  zombified allies, There have been some stone cold bad-boys (and girls) to make their way into the storyline.

5.) Rick Grimes: Rick is the main character of the storyline. Rick has gone through his phases of weaknesses and defeat, but the leadership decisions and actions that Rick has committed put Rick on this list. Rick has been caring at times, especially when it comes to his family and friends, but Rick has done some violent but necessary actions, including biting an enemy’s neck, giving us some of the show’s coolest fight sequences.

4.) Michonne: Who says a woman cannot be tough. In this world, those who are still surviving are the smartest and the toughest. This katanawielding heroine has taken down some of the most walkers in her group and gets real up close and personal with the action.

3.) Daryl Dixon: Arguably the show’s most popular character has scored some of the shows most glorified scenes. He has been the savior, blown up tanks, and has rode his Harley through some tough situations. It seems like nothing can stop Daryl and his crossbow. Showrunner Greg Nicotero and AMC better beware because, as they say, “If Daryl Dies, we riot.”

2.) The Governor: The Governor was the show’s top antagonist from the beginning half of season three until the midseason finale where he passed away after a long fight with Rick and Michonne’s katana through his chest. The Governor was a savage of a villain. He was a manipulator; he was cold blooded and fearless. He posed such a menacing threat to the heroes with his rage and power.

Honorable Mention) Shane: Shane Walsh was one of the toughest powerhouses in the show’s run. He was a tough one to leave out, but his emotions and blind judgment to a situation made him prone to fall off to the viewer’s eye. The Governor made such an eerie threat and was so well performed that it was hard to let him go, but Shane’s character, though very well portrayed, really just needed to go because of the number of mood swings which created such mixed feelings for the characters.

1.) Merle Dixon: Merle was by no means a fan favorite. In fact, he was a racist, egotistical bad-boy who followed no rules. Merle endured a great journey that required him to escape from the toughest of situations including cutting his own hand off, standing up to the governor who taught him who he was in debt to, and eventually succumbing to his brother and the greater good. In his final moments, he infiltrated the governor’s society of Woodbury, attracting walkers with heavy metal and sniping out some of the governor’s right hand men to save his brother and new friends. Though some may disagree, Merle’s short time in the show created such a bad presence that viewers who loved or hated him could not ignore.

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