The Many Adventures of Winnie & Jesse- Part 1

Winnie and Jesse were born and raised in London. Jesse was a shoe shiner, one who was paid very little and treated poorly. He is considered a poor undesirable rat, whereas Winnie comes from a rich family that everyone admires. The two were deeply in love. Their families disapproved of their relationship. That disapproval forced them to run away together, far from London.

They snuck on a ship, sailing all the way to Algeria, Africa. They got off the ship to start their new life together. They spot a poor elderly man selling old, used books to afford a meal. Winnie couldn’t resist the sad look on the elderly man’s face. She gave two gold coins to the elderly man, one of which she stole from her father’s office. The elderly man gives a smiles, with five of his teeth remaining. He hands Winnie the book. The book was titled “Stories.” Winnie and Jesse are unimpressed with the title, but filled with joy for helping the elderly man.

As night time dawned upon them, the moon rising and the stars shining, Winnie and Jesse rent out a small cabin. The cabin was made of wood, with one room, no windows, and a broken back door. As they try closing their eyes and drift away in slumber, they hear thunder. A storm is formed, consisting of harsh rain, loud thunder, and lightning. The two instantly jump out of bed in fear. Struggling to go back to sleep, Winnie takes out the book sold to them by the elderly man. Jesse warns her it is too late to read. Winnie ignores his warning and slowly opens to the first page. The pages held a list of story titles. Jesse, a little more interested, turns to the next page. It was blank. Jesse’s interest fades away, as does Winnie’s. Before they closed the book, words appear. The two, in shock and amazement, look into the book again. The words appeared as if it was magic. It reads: “Be Prepared.” Winnie and Jesse exchange looks of confusion. The words slowly float out the book. Winnie drops the book in fear. Jesse grabs her and they back away from the book. The words combine with one another, transforming into rope. It ties around Winnie and Jesse, dragging them inside the book.

Once their whole bodies were inserted into the page, the book closes. Winnie and Jesse find themselves falling from a bright blue sky, softly landing on a red flower with a shining yellow stem, as large as a trampoline. They slide to the ground and land on their feet. They look around with confusion and worry.

First, they spot an elephant speaking to a speck. Then, a man trying to convince a friend to try some green eggs and ham. Lastly, a cat wearing a hat. They look up at the sky and notice the clouds forming the name: Dr. Seuss.

To Be Continued…….

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