The Many Adventures of Winnie and Jesse: Part 3

The Many Adventures of Winnie & Jesse- Part 3

By Sarwan Moghamis

Halloween, a time to dress up as charlatans. A time of spreading fear for pleasure. A time to receive candy for simply being children. Winnie and Jesse find themselves on a mission, to find Santa Clause’s sleigh and bring it to the Grinch so they can be free from this horrid book. The couple stand in ponder, not knowing why the Grinch would send them to this questionable land. All the vampires glare at them. Witches give a nasty snarl. Werewolves exchange looks of hunger. Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, slowly walks up to Winnie and Jesse. Jesse guards Winnie. Jack examines, then starts to question them. Winnie avoids eye contact. Jesses explains their predicament. Jack stands in disbelief, refusing to accept one word of their honest assertions. Winnie spots Santa’s sleigh, being worked on by a group of zombies with lost limbs and brains sticking out their heads like jelly. Jesse spots it as well. They bolt away from Jack, traveling toward the sleigh. As they arrive closer, Jack appears as a blockade. Winnie and Jesse, in fright, slowly back away. Jack, having no more patience nor compassion, carries the young couple, as if they were action figures. He tosses them into a rusted metal pipe. Winnie and Jesse end up in a very peculiar settlement. Cowboys run wild. Instead of riding horses, they ride dinosaurs. Natives fight back, using mammals from the ice age such as mammoths, saber tooth tigers, rhinos, etc. Our founding fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln meet with Sacagawea and a 300,000-year-old caveman. It wasn’t long until the couple realizes they were sent to a history book. Winnie goes into sorrow. Jesse is lost with words; all he could think about was cursing at the Grinch for his foul deal. All of the sudden, Winnie is captured by a net, dragged onto a sailing ship. Jesse runs after her. The sails on the ship are black as night with gold outlining. One of the sails holds a symbol, a skull with crossbones, wearing a red captain’s hat. It was a pirate ship, but not just an ordinary pirate ship, Captain Red Beard’s ship. Red Beard hangs the net carrying Winnie. All his crew mates crowd around her as if they’ve never seen a lady before. Winnie quivers in fear. Jesse sneaks on board. Red Beard pulls out his sharp silver sword, pointing it toward Winnie’s throat. Jesse quickly acts. He steals a sword from one of the crew mates and faces Red Beard. Red Beard, with laughter, runs his sword through Jesse’s chest. Winnie watches in horror as her one love falls to his knees. Jesse’s eyes drift to absolute darkness, he breathes his last breath, and finally goes into internal rest. Winnie closes her eyes. Once they are open, she wakes up in her bedroom, back in London. She looks at her clock: 3:20 a.m. Realizing that the whole adventure was nothing more but a dream, Winnie picks up a picture frame from her nightstand. In the frame was a picture of Jesse with writing on the bottom: 1991-2017. Winnie kisses the picture and lays back down. As she drifts back into deep slumber, wet footsteps appear on the ground, the same steps Red Beard made on his ship.

The End

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