The Glass Slipper

By Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

All fairy tales begin and end the same way. This story is nothing like the others. This fairy tale isn’t a fairy tale at all, it’s a reality.

In a small village in England, 1650, there lived a young woman, Ella, and her step-mother, Celia and two step-sisters, Hattie and Hazel. Ella is constantly mistreated by her mother and sisters. They work her to death and every day they force her to clean the cinders from the fire pit. They tease her and call her Cinderella. No one knows why they mistreat Cinderella.

Cinderella’s mother died after she was born. Cinderella’s father, who married Celia, passed away shortly after the wedding to illness. Celia and her daughters are never home, so she’s always alone, but everyday at noon she is visited by The Godmother.

The Godmother has grey skin, wears a torn black gown, and has spiders that crawl out of every tare. She carries a wooden staff with a red stone on the tip. She’s the only one who has ever paid any attention to Cinderella.

Every visit Godmother tells Cinderella what the future holds for her. She tells her of a glass slipper that will change everything. She then tells her that she must attend a royal ball at sundown.

Once night arrived, Godmother, using her staff, disguises Cinderella in a red dress. She turns her staff into a small, skinny, wooden wand and hides it in her pocket. Godmother tells her to complete the deed before the next hour.

She gives Godmother a hug, then goes to the ball. Cinderella spots the prince, Prince James, with his father, King Proteus. She then spots Celia, Hattie, and Hazel. She looks at the prince, then back at her family.

The next hour passes, but Godmother continues to wait for Cinderella. She stops waiting and teleports into the ball. She is faced by King Proteus. The two were already familiar with each other. Godmother made a deal with the king years ago. If he allowed Prince James to marry Cinderella, he would reward him with a drink from the Fountain of Youth. Proteus allows her to pass.

Godmother spots a trail of fresh blood on the ground. She follows that trail into a dressing room. On the ground with their eyes and mouths sewed is Hattie and Hazel. Standing above them is Cinderella with a large grin on her face.

Godmother is horrified by the bodies. She checks her pocket and notices it’s empty. Cinderella pulls the staff out of her pocket. She admits that she’s been using Godmother the entire time so that she can steal the staff. She hid Celia in a lost realm and put a spell on the glass slippers. As long as she wears them, James will be desperately in love with her.

Before Godmother could reach for the staff, Cinderella turns her into a mouse. She walks up to the mouse and stumps on it, crushing it to death.

The next day, Cinderella and James get married. They take their place as future king and queen… for now.

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