Tenet: Enjoyably confusing

By Josh Vogt (TheLorian)

This film was something that I can only describe as an experience, something you simply have to see to believe. It began relatively simply, and I believed it might turn out to be a simple action movie, having looked up nothing about it going in. The movie took a whole of five minutes to start twisting my understanding of what was happening.

What seemed to be a spy movie became something more akin to Donnie Darko, basing much of the film around a unique theory of physics, and explaining it throughout the movie. I still don’t entirely understand the rules of the world I witnessed, but it was amazing to watch all the same. From beginning to end I did not think about how long the movie had left, and at points forgot that I was there to review it. The world and the characters sucked me in so thoroughly that I forgot about anything else.

The acting from Robert Pattinson, who plays a larger role in the film than I’d expected, really sold me on the whole film. He’s a funny, likable character and shows so much depth every time he is on screen that I couldn’t wait to see him again every time he was gone. He’s skyrocketed up towards the top of my list of favorite actors and he looked like he was having so much fun in every scene.

John David Washington, playing the lead role, was fairly hit or miss throughout the film. I enjoyed his acting in some places, but in others, he felt a little bit too emotionless. This may be intentional, but for me, it was one of the few things that made me pause. When he brought it, he was great, don’t get me wrong, but he didn’t hold that connection throughout the film.

Speaking of things that were just a little off, the sound mixing for the film was kind of all over the place. The natural sound, or background noises, was extremely loud, even for a theater, while the speaking voices were often mumbled or really quiet. I missed dialogue in places where the sound of waves hitting a boat was so much louder than the actors’ voices.

That issue aside, this film was extremely entertaining, and without giving away the twists of the movie, it actually kind of made sense by the end. While I felt lost at points due to the theoretical physics employed, when the credits rolled, I had bought into the nonsense and loved every minute of it.

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