Suicide Squad: Fantastic or Flop?

Pros: “Suicide Squad” was a highly anticipated film that brought villains together to fight other villains. Members of the squad had interesting back stories that brought the characters to life instead of just having them as two-dimensional characters. Two of the most interesting roles were Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Both seemed to be the main focus of the movie and added to the comedic effect. While each character had to deal with their own issues, bringing these villains together to form an alliance made the movie entertaining, funny and action-packed. Even with mixed reviews, this movie is a must-see and it has a killer soundtrack. No pun intended.

Cons: “Suicide Squad” was entertaining, but like every movie, it wasn’t perfect. For example, once again the female of the group is nothing more than a sex symbol. Harley Quinn was an intelligent woman with a doctorate degree but appeared to be nothing more than tension relief. While she was, at times a badass, she wasn’t more than something sexy. Speaking of Harley Quinn, her love interest, the Joker, added nothing to the movie’s plot. He was simply there to add to the movie’s runtime. Jared Leto was by no means a bad Joker; he just didn’t add anything to the story. The villains of the story, the Enchantress and her brother, were not as big of a conflict as it was made out to be. The suspense was two-dimensional and the conflict was highly disappointing. Our main characters didn’t meet the Enchantress until the last 20 minutes of the movie. The last battle was disappointing.

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