Spring Sensations

The weather outside’s not so frightful, and the sun is so delightful. The Iowa winter is showing the first signs of thawing, and Duhawks riddled with cabin fever are no doubt looking for excuses to go outside and take in the fresh air. It’s still too wet and snowy to sit under a tree with a good book, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do. This week’s Lorian Leven lists some ways to get out there and make the most of a beautiful day.

Take a walk. This one might be difficult when it gets dark, as the water coating the streets tends to freeze over. But when things are melting, it might be fun to splash in a puddle or two along the way.

Go exploring. Now that the snow is disappearing, you might be surprised to find that some things have changed over the winter. Check out the Mines of Spain or, (if you’re looking for a roadtrip), the Maquoketa State Cavesno doubt the water has created some spectacular sights.

Time for a car wash. We’re not quite out of the season yet, but the need for sand and salt has diminished, meaning it’s safe to clean up your trusty steed without getting it dirty on the way home.

Take some pictures. When the snow melts, you start to see some strange ice formations. If you’re the artsy type, grab your camera and take a look through the lens. At the right angles, you might find something pretty interesting.

Open a window. We’re at school, so homework is inevitable. But if you can’t go outside, then bring the outside in.

Go for a drive. If walking through puddles isn’t your cup of tea, grab a friend and go for a ride with the windows down. Feel that breeze blow through your hair!

Spring cleaning. Small spaces can get cramped with things during the winter months. Reclaim your room with some simple cleaning.

Stargaze. It’s going to get a little chilly at night, but when the skies are clear, the view of the heavens might make it worthwhile.

Break out the shorts! I’ve already seen a few Duhawks wearing their shorts with pride this week, and more will surely follow. Now is the time!

Plan your BBQ parties. It might be too soon to break out the barbeque, but go ahead and make plans anyway. A good day could strike at any time.

(Don’t) Adopt a Puppy. Really, don’t. It’s against the rules. But spend some time at the Humane Society walking an animal in need, or mooch off your friend’s furry pal.

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