Spelling Indifferent

All my life I’ve been a terrible speller.

I can’t help it,

my brain sometimes doesn’t spell words correctly.

My brain flips all the letters in the word around

making a new word that’s wrong.

Sometimes I even spell the word wrong, wrong.

I’ll spell it w-o-r-n-g; in my brain I don’t think that’s wrong.

One time I was taking an environmental course

and I had a big vocab list of environmental words

like, photosynthesis, and chlorophyll.

I took the exam and the teacher marked all the words

I misspelled all wrong.

 I got a tutor.

One day the tutor noticed I’d miss spelled environmental,

I flipped the o and r around.

I looked long and hard at the word,

I broke it into words I knew.

“Envy-ron-mental,” I said, “I envy Ron because he’s mental.”

My tutor and I laughed.

Then I did with another word deforestation.

I said, “So we are becoming a de-forest-nation?”

Then I had a hard time spelling technology.

I broke it up into tech-no-ology, or “The tech has no logic.”

Ever sense I started to break big words down into words I knew.

I don’t spell wrong; I spell different.

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Hello, I am Amber. I love cats, movies, and hanging out with friends. I love writing poetry as well.

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