‘Sounds good, feels good’

Sounds Good Feels Good is the second album that 5 Seconds of Summer, or 5SOS, has released. The Australian band relates more to a pop-punk band than a boy band as they play their own instruments and write the majority of their own music. Having their first headline tour under their belt, they are more confident in the success of their music. In this album, the band has come into their own musically and takes you through a journey with the layout of the tracks.

The first three tracks on the album (Deluxe version) are the most upbeat songs, and their first single of this album She’s Kinda Hot is second in order. Moving onto the forth song, Permanent Vacation gives us a taste of the angsty-punk vibe, which shows up more subtly in their other songs.

This album also has deeper, more serious subject matter, which isn’t something new for this band, but they do it in more modern way than their previous album. Starting out with the track Jet Black Heart, it’s clear that the songs are going to get more meaningful. There are songs that are more upbeat sprinkled throughout as to not bum listeners out too much. However, even if the melody is ‘happier’, often the lyrics are still profound, such as in their song Castaway.

One song that sticks out the most as being different from the album – but definitely in a good way – is Broken Home, which is sung from the point of view of a child who sees his family and home crumbling around him. It’s a song that will leave people stunned with emotion like Amnesia did in their last album. After that heavy song, 5SOS move listeners into a more relaxed sound, yet their significant lyrics don’t stop.

The band has gone on to say that their fans were the inspiration for this album, and they wanted to create something where anyone can listen and just be themselves. Guitarist, Michael Clifford said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, “We’ve started this thing called ‘The New Broken Scene’ which is like our way of starting a rebellion… Like a revolution for these kids to just get behind us and lead this New Broken Scene into being okay to be whoever you wanna be. It’s cool to be different”. This is definitely shown from their first single She’s Kinda Hot, which is essentially the ‘anthem’ for The New Broken Scene. Music doesn’t expect you to be a certain way. It just wants to be listened to. Sounds Good Feels Good certainly does sound good, but it will make you feel happy, then angsty, then sad, then peaceful. This range of emotion was intentional as it was meant to convey how it’s okay to feel a million different ways.

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