Sooyeon Choi’s hot takes

Mark Mederson (TheLorian)

1. Name

Sooyeon Choi

2. Degree


3. Colleges you attended (associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral)

Ewha Womans Unviersity (B.A., M.A. & Purdue University (Ph.D)

4. Birthplace 

Seoul, South Korea

5. City where you lived the longest 

Seoul, South Korea

6. What do you teach? 

Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, & International Marketing

7. What attracted you to the topic that you teach? 

My concentration is analyzing consumer behavior and how to apply the knowledge to creating an effective marketing strategy. Marketing Research and Marketing Analytics help us understand how to collect and analyze available data and draw implications from it. Principles of Marketing and Consumer Behavior provide basic knowledge/principles that help to understand a process that marketing professionals go through to create an effective marketing mix and the internal mechanism that consumers utilize in the decision-making process, which is an interesting topic.

8. What were some of the qualities you saw in your favorite teachers when you were a student? 

Leadership as a mentor as well as a scholar. It was impressive to see their passion for changing a student’s life and providing good guidance to make a student’s life better.

9. What is something that brought you comfort during the worst part of the pandemic (e.g., certain foods, media consumption, a new pet)?

Meeting with friends and colleagues and have a chat with them with good meals and teas. 

10. Cats or dogs? Why? 

Dogs- cute and friendly

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