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Album Review: “Something Worth Saving” By: Gavin DeGraw
Release Date: 09/09/16

Gavin DeGraw’s music has been around for roughly 13 years. His sixth studio album was released about two weeks ago and I wanted to know if it lived up to his past success. The short answer: Yes. The album has only 10 songs, but they all bring a unique sound to the record. The album’s singles “She Sets the City on Fire” and “Making Love with the Radio On” are songs that you blast in your car with the windows down. Softer songs, such as “Say I Am” and the title track, “Something Worth Saving,” reveal the emotion DeGraw has in his voice and the beauty in his writing that he has shown throughout his career. One of my favorites would have to be “Harder to Believe.” Its lyrics reveal a great truth to life and the catchy chorus and energy of the song make you want to keep listening. This album has a good balance between piano ballads and head-bobbing jams. I would say this is definitely something worth listening to, especially if you have never heard Degraw’s music before. It even had me looking up tour dates.

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