Short Story: Two Worlds

Wyoming, 1893. The sun sets. Samson Hole, the most fearless cowboy, charges through town in his stolen horse carriage. Phillip Asch, a bartender, watches with amusement from the window of the bar. After his mother died, his father dropped him in an orphanage to join the cowboy lifestyle. Phillip is a Jew and chooses to keep that part of him hidden from the world, due to fear of rejection by society.

Meanwhile, hidden in the high mountains, is the home of an Indian Tribe. The Grandmother of Wisdom, a spiritual figure, watches over the tribe. Chief Thali leads this tribe, spreading compassion and wisdom to all his people. Years ago, his wife was murdered by a cowboy, leaving him to raise their three children. Thali’s oldest child, his son Terk, leads the warriors. His youngest child, his daughter Kira, has always been fascinated with the cowboy lifestyle. Finally, there’s Tara, the oldest daughter and middle child.

Tara is the future leader of the tribe and is promised to marry a warrior from another tribe known as the Axis, to increase their tribal strength. Her future husband’s name is Madoke. Madoke is a dark minded man who always believes that war is the answer. Tara was never attracted to him. Her thirst for adventure forces her to sneak out and blend within the White townsmen.

Phillip walks into Tara as he heads back home. The two knock each other down. Phillip instantly gets up and helps Tara up. He humbly apologizes, begging for forgiveness. Tara, with slight attraction, accepts his apology. The two take a walk together, slowly sharing a romantic connection.

Before they could go any further, Sheriff Edward Wilson spots Tara and chases after her, enforcing the law against Indians on White territory. Tara runs in fear. Phillip runs after her. Sheriff Wilson, riding his black stallion, chases after them. Phillip grabs Tara and jumps into the running river.

Phillip and Tara are dragged by the water. Their bodies are slammed against a cage. The two climb above the cage. They watch as Dakota Reed and his roundup gang ride off. Tara, in fear, notices four pairs of legs swarming around in the cage, under the water. Phillip and Tara work together in lifting the cage from the water. They release the four bodies, revealing them to be Samson and his roundup gang.

Phillip and Tara run off after releasing them. Tara knows that she must return to her tribe, but after being with Phillip… she wants to be with him. The feeling is neutral as Phillip kisses her cheek. Tara wonders why Phillip would be in love with an Indian. Phillip responds by explaining how the world rejects people like him and her. He explains that they need to stick together in order to live upon this twisted world. This only made Tara fall deeply in love with Phillip.

They come from two very different worlds, a world where Indians and White men despise one another. If the two can find love, they could change the entire reality of their lifestyle. Unfortunately, reality cannot be changed. Reality is an unfixable line that only moves straight and not sideways. If one cuts that line, reality will crumble. Is that the answer? Should they cut the line?

Instead, they accept reality and run off together, starting a new life far from the lives they once lived.

The End

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