Short Story: The Warriors

Hera, the current goddess of the Underworld, is given a task by Nime, the creator of darkness, and his followers, the Dark Lords. She must invade Earth and spread pure darkness. Hera is sent to the city of Chicago with an army of Dark Knights. She is given a golden sword, creating a black cloud that contains absolute darkness and obscurity. The knights march into the city, spreading fear and destruction among the people.

Dr. X detects all the commotion and disorder from his swamp base technology. He sends Dagger and Astro to see what’s going on. The duo faces Hera. Hera looks at them with a grin of arrogance. She raises the dead and as the corpse like beings charge toward them with full force.

Robot-Man, in his human disguise, witnesses his friends’ heroism. He rips off his disguise and flies to them in jet speed.

Sitting in his school bus, visiting Chicago for a field trip, is Charlie Kingsley. Charlie notices the dark cloud. He immediately releases his Black Glove, using his power as the Chosen One. He transports himself to the fight.

Henry Richards, in his mansion located in LA, watches the news, seeing the horrors Chicago is faced with. He quickly runs to his secret archive. Henry puts on his pirate captain’s uniform, his captain’s hat, inserts his shiny silver hook to replace his lost hand, and grabs his sharp sword. He takes back his name as Red Beard, the cursed pirate. He then travels his way to Chicago.

Locked away in an insane asylum, thinking about his past life during the Revolutionary War, is Alexander McDonald. Alexander looks out the widow and spots the knights. He concentrates and digs deep within himself. All of the sudden, water rises from beneath, creating a force field that surrounds Alexander. The force field allows him to fly and transform into the Seal. He charges out of the asylum and into battle.

Out of nowhere, a glowing blue portal appears in the center of the city. Charging out of the portal, with his axe in the air, is Heracles. Flying out by his side is Blue Diamond.

Robot-Man, Dagger, Astro, Chosen One, Red Beard, Seal, Heracles, and Blue Diamond stand together, fighting side-by-side, against Hera and her ruthless army. Robot-Man launches rockets from his arms, blowing knights away. Dagger cuts down the risen dead. Astro shoots the risen dead with his blaster. Chosen One throws fire balls at the knights. Red Beard stabs the knights that stand in his way. Seal flies through the risen dead like a jet. Heracles uses his strength to break and beat the knights down. Blue Diamond destroys the risen dead with her power beams.

As Hera attempts to cower away, Dr. X stops her, pointing his cybernetic gun to her face. As the Dark Knights fall, Hera surrenders. The darkness disperses, shining light to the people and undoing all the dark deeds.

The heroes thank one another for their contribution. Hera is locked away in the pit of Tartarus. Heracles and Blue Diamond transport back to their world. Charlie heads back home, where his mother, Lois Kingsley, gives him a tight hug out of relief for his safety. Henry goes back to his mansion and invites Alexander to live with him, until he can figure things out on his own. Robot-Man chooses to stays with Dr. X, Dagger, and Astro. He and Dagger exchange looks of attraction.

If the world ever faces a threat similar to this once again, the Warriors will unite and stand together to protect the people.

The End

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