Short Story: The Round Up Gang

Wyoming, 1893. The beaming sun shines bright upon the desert ground. Light winds blow north, carrying seeds of sand away and mixing them with the wind. In the center is a town built upon wood-homes, stores, bars, and a sheriff’s office. White settlers take their place on this settlement. The town people have lived in peace, until now…

             A horse drawn carriage charges into town. The sheriff, Edward Wilson, riding his black stallion, chases after the carriage with his team of officers. Steering the carriage is the careless, witty, adventurous, clueless, drunk, cowboy, Samson Hole. With him is his roundup gang: Jeff Woodley and Rico and Pablo Martinez. Jeff Woodley, an older man, is Samson’s right hand and voice of reason. Rico and Pablo Martinez are twin Latino brothers. Pablo only understands Spanish and its Rico’s job is to translate. The gang is wanted by every state, but they prove to be the best vigilantes there are.

             Samson drinks a whole bottle of beer as he steers the carriage. Sheriff Wilson begins shooting at the carriage, but misses due to Samson’s speed. Samson throws his empty beer bottle at them. Once the gang exits town, the horses, dragging the carriage, throw them off and into a river. Samson, Jeff, Rico, and Pablo are dragged away by the river water. Once they are washed ashore, they find a resting spot for the night, then they count the silver pieces and gun powder they stole from town.

Among their findings is a rock, but it is no ordinary rock. This rock was founded by an Indian Tribe, a Tribe led by the Grandmother of Wisdom. The rock can create a written map around it to any destination one desires.

             As night passes and day arrives, the gang move out. They walk through a grassland with no civilization in sight. They hear the sound of galloping horses. Fifty men charge their way toward Samson and his gang. The leader of the men is a ruthless cowboy, Dakota Reed, with his right hands, the Spencer Brothers. Dakota has always been Samson’s rival. Dakota takes their loot, including the rock, and warns Samson to quit as no other cowboy can outrank Dakota.

             To assure Samson will stay out of the way, Dakota and his gang lock them up in a cage, hanging above the river. The cage is lowered into the river, drowning the gang. Dakota rides off, leaving them to die.

              A good Samaritan pulls the cage up from the water. Samson, Jeff, Rico, and Pablo release themselves and the good Samaritan disappears. Samson is determined to get his rock back and reclaim his honor.

             Dakota and his gang charge into town, spreading fear and chaos. Sheriff Wilson, taking a break from torturing Indian prisoners, fights with all his might to protect the town people. Samson and his gang hide in a corner. Samson spots a watering hole and the wall built around it. He thinks of a plan that could help him and the town. Samson and his gang aggravate Dakota and his gang, forcing them to chase after Samson. Once they reach the water hole, Samson quickly grabs the rock from Dakota and shoots the wall. With that one shot, the entire wall collapses, forcing the water to break out and drag Dakota, along with his gang, out of town.

              Samson, Jeff, Rico, and Pablo run away with their rock. Just because they are labeled as something society warns against, that doesn’t make them bad people. And so, their adventures continue.

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