Short Story: The Black Glove

What could we say about Charlie Kingsley? He’s an obnoxious, rude, teenager who occasionally saves lives. What makes this insignificant, childish, shrewd, cynosure a hero? One piece of clothing that changed his life forever…the Black Glove.
The Black Glove one connects to the hand of the Chosen One. With the Glove, Charlie has the ability to manipulate fire, open portals, transport, disappear, control time, and read minds.
Charlie has had a rough childhood. His father, Charles Kingsley, walked out of them when he was eight-years-old. His mother, Lois Kingsley, holds down three jobs just to afford groceries. As life went on, things got better, until she arrived.
She, being an alien, lands her silver space ship in the center of his hometown. She exits from the front, revealing her pale white skin, shiny white hair, and yellowish white eyes. She wears a lime green dress with dark purple lining, dragging against the ground as she moves forward. As Charlie greets her, he learns her calling, Taurican.
Taurican claims to have come to Earth to warn Charlie of a dangerous threat. That threat being Captain Nemo, a gutless, ruthless sailor who captains a submarine. Charlie indulges Taurian’s warning. She takes him to the deep seas, following after Captain Nemo’s submarine.
While traveling, Taurican spreads her flirtatious attitude towards Charlie. He senses ill thinking wrapped around Taurican’s mind. He holds the feeling of false candor.
Once arriving to Captain Nemo’s submarine, Charlie throws the despicable captain against the wall, knocking him out. Charlie then stops the submarine from further mobility.
Taurican is found in the submarine’s vault, where Captain Nemo keeps all the treasure he located in Poseidon’s tomb. She picks up a sword, made with solid gold. The sword can cut through anything.
He learn that Taurican tricked him in order for her to have position of the sword. Taurican swings the sword in the air, chopping off Charlie’s hand, the hand that connects to the Black Glove. Charlie screams in horrific pain as Taurican carries his powered limb. She begins transitioning the power of the Glove within herself.
Charlie closes his eyes, digs deep within himself, let’s go of all the aggression he holds toward his disappointing childhood. He slowly rises up, feeling the power rightfully given to him. His heart, with all the strength it has, builds up. Charlie’s hand slowly grows back. Once it is fully grown, a burst of energy is released. The energy recreates the Black Glove.
As Taurican tries sticking once more, Charlie has the sword disappear and hits her with an energy beam. Taurican falls unconscious, unable to get back up. Charlie makes peace with Captain Nemo and allows him to take Taurican as a prisoner of his submarine.
Charlie returns home to his ordinary life, but continues to protect his hometown. You can take away his Black Glove, you can even chop off his hand, but there’s one thing you can never take away from Charlie Kingsley, he is the Chosen One.

The End


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