Short Story: Robot-man

Imagine a day where billions of lives are taken away because we weren’t paying attention. The biggest threat to the world is those who live in it. How do we stop something like that?

Dr. X, a genius scientist, disappeared after an experiment went wrong. He lost an arm, an eye, and the ability to walk, but that doesn’t stop him. He attaches a cybernetic arm and eye, then builds a motorcycle that helps him move around. He then teams up with Diana Pierce, also known as Dagger. She is a skilled assassin who always carries around daggers for self-defense. Later on, they team up with Woody Carson, a retired astronaut with the code name Astro. Astro is a professional engineer who remodeled his astronaut uniform into a bronze suit with rockets on the back.

The trio have their own base, located in a hidden swamp. Dr. X knows the world has become a fragile place. The experiment, mentioned earlier, was meant to create a power source, strong enough to eliminate any threat.

With the help of Dagger and Astro, they build a robotic body that can hold the source in place. The robotic body is silver with navy blue and red lining. The arms can launch like rockets. The bottoms of the feet can allow it to fly. The eyes can shoot out lasers. The hook on the top of its head can be detached and used as a boomerang. The source is put in the center of the body. With it, the body can shoot power beams. It is slowly brought to life. The robot is made into a male and holds supreme intelligence towards human life.

Ward Maximus, Dr. X’s old partner and friend, notices the robot. He also notices the power source and wanted it to himself. Maximus, the desperate man he is, builds a skeleton-like robotic suit of his own. He goes out to destroy the robot and take position of the power source. In doing so, Maximus terrorizes the city of Chicago. He spreads fear beyond their comprehension.

The robot protects the citizens by fighting against Maximus. The two face off against each other, the most epic fight that has ever been seen. The pounding of fists, the sounds of screaming citizens, the view of violence is too great, too epic for ordinary men. By the end, the robot throws Maximus on the hard, brick ground, waving the white flag, accepting defeat. The citizens praised the robot for saving their lives.

Dr. X, Dagger, and Astro work close with the robot. He protects the world from all sorts of threats, yet he finds himself in a paradox. He wanted to do more than just observe and value human life, he wanted to live it. He disguises himself as an ordinary man and lives among civilization, but should danger ever rises again, he’ll be there to protect his fellow men and women. The world later knows him as Robot-Man.

The End

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