Shamans of Yenebar

By Josh Vogt

There was a time not long ago

Where I came to visit that grotto.

Hidden away in that city so far,

The one they call Yenabar.

I had no choice but to make the trek,

As my son had an illness of the neck.

It was said there were shamans there

That could cure almost any err.

They were a mysterious and isolated lot,

But so pure it’s said they can’t be bought.

From where their power came, none know,

Though for these reasons I knew to go.

Before them I brought my only son,

And he was cured as the day was done.

I could not watch their mystic ritual,

Though I could feel it most spiritual.

So if you feel you have no option,

And face some impossible toxin

Know that the shamans of Yenebar,

Help all in need, whether near or far.

But beware the price they ask,

For it will be proportionate to the task.

I write this to you, as my voice no longer works,

Able to hear my son laugh once more, at the fireworks.

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