Senior Spotlight: Jacqueline Petersen

By Jorge A. Ramirez (TheLorian)

Why did you choose to come to Loras?

Petersen: I came to Loras because when I was growing up, I constantly showed up to the Loras All Sports Camps. This means I have always been very familiar with the campus, the environment, and the way in which you are always surrounded by people who tend to be very respectful and kind. I really felt the need to come here to pursue my undergraduate degree despite the fact that I barely have any Loras legacy in my family. Neither one of my parents came here, which makes this a very unique experience.

Out of everything you’ve been involved in, what was the most significant thing you’ve been involved in?

Petersen: About three years ago, I managed to find an internship at Vision Health Center. The Doctor who I used to work for is a Loras alum, and having that internship really opened my eyes and made me realize I wanted to pursue a career in Optometry. I honestly believe this was the number one highlight throughout my four years, and it taught me a lot about who I am and my career goals. I definitely worked on becoming a team player and worked on understanding the profession as a whole.

How have you seen yourself change over your four years at Loras?

Petersen: When I first came in to Loras, I was not really associated with many clubs or organizations, but after the first couple of years, I started joining many groups that made the person who I am today, and taught me lessons that I will never forget. I was a part of the Chemistry Club, Dance Marathon, DuBuddies and other clubs, which allowed me to get involved, meet people, and become a more outgoing individual. I have definitely changed in that aspect. That is all thanks to Loras College.

What is some advice you would give to a younger student who is just starting their Loras journey?

Petersen: I feel like you just have to be yourself. There is people in here that are willing to help you in difficult times and always be your support. We are all in the same boat, and it is a very interesting approach that we as students have in Loras College. In terms of advice, I would suggest for everyone to keep their head up and stay strong even throughout the most difficult stages.

If you had one word to sum up your Loras experience, what would it be and why?

Petersen: Family. I would say this just because you truly get that family feeling when you come to Loras. Everyone is supporting you, and teachers and students try to help each other out through every circumstance. This is a feature that Loras College can brag about, because they allow the students to experience that quality human interaction from the very start.

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