Senior Spotlight: Malycki Mañon-Sosa

Jon Quinn (TheLorian)

Malycki Mañon-Sosa, also known as Ki, is a triple major in International Studies, Spanish, and Politics. He is the Student Inclusion & Social Media Coordinator in the Center of Inclusion and Advocacy. He is also a Recruiting Intern of Northwestern Mutual. Additionally, Mañon-Sosa is a Loras Honors student currently working on an Immigrant & Refugee Health Literacy Program.

“I spend most of my time in Hoffmann for class, but aside from that, I spend my time in the Center of Inclusion and Advocacy programming and helping build community here at Loras,” said Mañon-Sosa.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

“While my job in the Center of Inclusion and Advocacy keeps me busy, I often try to stay active in attending events that the Loras Democrats and LULAC program.”

Tell me about your favorite memory at Loras.

“I feel like I have way too many memories to choose from, though I know one that sticks out the most to me is having rap battles on the bus back from volleyball games last year.”

What’s your favorite pass time?

“My favorite pass time has to be reading and writing! I enjoy writing poetry and reading books written by people who share identities similar to my own.”

What shows have you recently binged on netflix?

“Most recently I’ve been binging the last season of ‘Elite,’ a Spanish Netflix series.”

What’s your favorite food/restaurant in Dubuque?

“My favorite [restaurant] in Dubuque has to be Ichiban.”

Favorite coffee house?

“I’m not sure if Dunkin’ Donuts is considered a coffee house, but I definitely run on it.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“After graduation I will be working as the Program Coordinator for One Iowa (one of the state’s leading LGBTQ+ organizations) in Des Moines.”

Do you have any career goals?

“My career goal is to eventually run for public office or work in the global diplomacy field.”

Fun Fact?

“I’ve been to more countries than U.S. states.”

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Jon is currently a junior who is double-majoring in Media Studies and Public Relations. He is heavily involved at Loras as a campus photographer, residential adviser, and a sports editor for the school newspaper, The Lorian.

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