Short Story: Seal

Alexander McDonald came from different species. These species, once in water, can transform into a seal. When out of water, they’re human. Nobody knows the name of these species. They just called them the Unknown.

Both of Alexander’s parents were killed when he was a baby. A farmer couple, George and Ethel McDonald, found him. They raised him as their own. Once learning about his ability, they kept him far away from water.

Alexander never knew about his ability. He did feel different from the other kids that grew up with him. As life went on, he grew up to become a great farmer like his parents. During this time period, the Revolutionary War was nearing the end. Alexander was enlisted to fight with the other soldiers.

By the time the war came to an end, Alexander was an adult. He returned home to take care of his elder parents. When going to the market, a merchant, Mr. Radcliffe tried selling him some goods. Alexander kept refusing. Mr. Radcliffe, with his short temper, dumped water over Alexander.

Alexander instantly transforms into a dark brown skinned seal that flops on the ground. Once he was dry, he transforms back to his human self. He laid on the ground, completely naked as his cloths were washed away. Everyone looked at him with horror. Alexander ran back to his house, explaining his concerns with his parents.

His parents confess what Alexander really is. Later that day, a mob, led by Mr. Radcliffe, charged to the McDonald’s household. They demand for Alexander to be killed for his inhuman appearance. Alexander becomes filled with pounding fear for his own life. His emotions allow him to slowly carry water out with his mind. The more fear he felt, the more water appeared, circling around him.

The water creates a force field surrounding Alexander’s body. He quickly transforms into his seal version. He flies in the air and charges toward Mr. Radcliffe, shoving him to the ground. Alexander then flies to the nearest ocean where he joins the sea life.

Years pass and Alexander remains in his seal form, living among all sea creatures. Later on, he is lost in the Arctic Ocean. His body freezes, trapping him in an ice berg. The ice berg remains in the coldest parts of the Arctic Ocean.

Decades and centuries pass and Alexander remains frozen in the ice berg. It wasn’t until the year 2011 when a group of marine biologist, sailing the seas, spotted him. The broke him free from the ice berg. When released, he transformed back to his naked human body.

Alexander was heavily confused and overwhelmed, with no memory of his past life. The marine biologist turns him into the CIA, where he is further studied. The head of the CIA science department took control of Alexander’s case. The head of the department had a chilling name that brought a memory of fear to Alexander. That name was Mr. Radcliffe.

The End

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