Rose Samurai Part Three

Josh Vogt (TheLorian)

Flavian moved over to his one large window, providing the unpleasant view of the business next door, and slid it open, checking the streets for any witnesses. Anyone passing by was not looking in his direction or was too busy going into the virtual reality center to look up. Confident he would not be seen, he began to scale the building to the rooftop, having plenty of holes or pipes or other protruding pieces of the building to climb. When he reached the top he turned off the wireless access on his commlink. As a default setting, all commlinks are connected to the matrix, which over a hundred years ago replaced the internet, and the police have the ability to track where someone is by any electronic devices attached to their identity. The same went for any firearms, but they only transmitted where they were fired while online. But Flavian was careful, and never fired while they were online. As far as any government officials knew, they were owned for his protection, not that the police would ever come by to check.

He sighed as he sat against the edge of the roof and turned his comm to the police radio frequency, listening in. He liked to listen to the police chatter sometimes, not that it really helped him find crime, which sometimes in a blue moon it would, but just to assure himself that he was safe. That they were not onto him, hadn’t found out who he was. He worried every day that they would come barging into Nobu’s bar and take him then and there away to prison. That was the truly perverted part of the police force. They cared more about catching him than they did the criminals.

Tired of the chatter and consoled that he was safe for another day, he began to leap from rooftop to rooftop. In Tokyo in 2277, the streets were more cramped and crowded than ever before, and the city refused to stop growing inward and upward no matter how little the geography told it otherwise. So, in his compact, lighter version of samurai armor he was able to travel by rooftop quite nimbly, through years of practice and a few not so minor falls that he recovered from. 

His location was unclear, but the way the wind felt as it weaved through the creases in his light armor felt divine as he sprinted through the night, taking his usual route through some of the worst parts of Kabukicho, not leaving his district of the city because he knew it needed him more than most of Tokyo. His was worse than the rest combined, and he knew where to find the crime. Leaving it would make him less confident in his surroundings, though he knew most of the city like the back of his Menpo, which he stared through every single night.

As he was casually leaping from building to building, he surveyed the streets below him, a multitasking nightmare for most ordinary people. He noticed two men standing in an alley below performing some sort of exchange, and stopped before jumping to the next building, kneeling and peering over the edge. One of them was an elf, like Flavian himself, and the other was a much shorter dwarf. The exchange was, as he suspected, of the drug variety, and it appeared to be quite a lot of it from up where he was. He took out his long range laser rifle and aimed it down into the alley, looking through it’s scope at the scene unfolding. The elf was clearly the dealer, holding a large bag of Veritas, an experimental new drug that was taking over the streets. They said it ‘revealed the truth’ or something of a similar nature. It was after all named after some old world goddess of truth. Roman or something; they’d practically stopped teaching it in schools lately. It was hard enough learning all of the exponentially advancing information from space, let alone millennia-old Sol culture.

He allowed the exchange to happen, a plan forming in his head of how to end this drug at its source. The dwarf shook as he nervously glanced about before handing a credstick over to the elf, who took it, tapped it to his own, and then returned it gratefully after checking it was the proper amount. The dwarf caught the Veritas as it was tossed at him, and then scurried off into the night to ruin his life like so many other lost souls in this city. The elf was fluid in his movements, traveling from shadow to shadow like he was one himself, never for more than a moment staying in the light of the streetlamps. Flavian nearly lost him from time to time, and was glad for his experience in tracking through these streets.

They ended up at some abandoned apartment building that looked like the top few floors had collapsed, leaving only the ground floor intact. Most of the windows were too clouded from dirt or covered in cloth to see inside, but it was heavily graffitied from top to bottom. The elf approached from the back, cutting through an alley to reach the front entrance. This was when Flavian chose to make his move, dropping into the alley a couple feet from the elf, but silently. As the elf was reaching the end of the alley, Flavian tapped the side of his Menpo, activating his voice modulator.

“Stop where you are and put your hands up,” Flavian called softly, allowing his voice to project to the elf.

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