Review of “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile”

Avery Wickersham (TheLorian)

Any fan of Zac Efron from the “High School Musical” trilogy will be amazed to see his upgrade to more mature and adult roles; specifically as Ted Bundy in the movie “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.” This movie was incredibly well done with the casting, the screenplay, and the attention to detail.

Zac Efron bears a striking resemblance to the real Ted Bundy, which is something that struck me from the beginning of the movie. This makes all of the impacts of Bundy’s story much stronger. Efron managed to portray Bundy’s charisma, intelligence, and ego throughout the movie from his relationship with Liz Kloepfer (also known as Liz Kendall) to his court trials. The screenwriters took time to include real quotes from Bundy and his various interviews, which Efron performed very well. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference if the clips are played side-by-side. There’s a brief part of the movie when Efron (as Bundy) is disguised in blue jeans, a white shirt, and a red bandana and looks like the younger version of himself in “High School Musical” (“The Boys Are Back”—does that musical number ring a bell?)

Lily Collins, who played Bundy’s girlfriend, Liz, also had an amazing performance. The real Liz had to discover all of Bundy’s murders and violence towards women in the news, and Collins portrayed the decline that Liz’s health, both mental and physical, must have gone through. I really enjoyed the contrast between Bundy and Liz and the nature of their relationship. Collins played a really emotional role, and in my opinion, served justice for the real Liz and helped tell her story, which is downplayed in other Bundy documentaries.

Because of the casting and the script, I highly recommend this movie. It was so well done, albeit very creepy and eerie. Any fan of true crime documentaries and T.V. shows would love this movie.

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