Rebirth: Bon Jovi Album Review

Album: “This House Is Not for Sale” by Bon Jovi
Release Date: 11/04/16

Bon Jovi is back and better than ever. This is the band’s first album without lead guitarist Richie Sambora. While some may believe the group loses the edge of the dynamic duo of Richie and lead singer Jon Bon Jovi, this is not the case. The album’s first single and title track, “This House Is Not for Sale,” brings elements of the old Bon Jovi to the album. While the rest of the record sounds less like the old rock elements of the band, their new sound gives the group a sort of rebirthing. Songs like “Born Again Tomorrow” and “New Year’s Day” bring the rock feel the album needs. While “Knockout” and “Roller Coaster” have more of a pop feel, the songs have great lyrics and Jon’s vocals shine through. This mix of rock and pop will help draw a younger crowd into listening to the band for the first time. This album is the perfect balance of old and new sound for all listeners of Bon Jovi.

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