Poem: Purple’s Paradox

By Daniel Charland

The paradox of purple:

cool, calm, smooth , balmy as

it oozes like jewels from the bottom

of the rainbow and flows into the pool

of the mind. It pulls the eye

and lulls the sigh of peace.

It grows in the ground in lovely buds

of orchid, eggplant, and thistle,

petunia, phlox, pansy.


Purple mountains majesty

shimmer in sunlight.

Fog up to the clouds above the busy

city with violet neon flashes.


When the day is done,

it’s all that’s left of a summer

sunset sky.  Royal robes;

powerful purple of riches and privilege.

The color of kings, reserved

for the wealthy.


In times of trials,

 purple penance, patient,

ancient in waiting in Palestine

 with ebony ashes.

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Written By :

Daniel Charland is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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