Outside the Banquet

He attended it like clockwork,

every week he went

to the brightly lit banquet,

and took it for granted.

Time passed, and the streets

from his home to the hall

grew muddy, requiring great

care to cross without soiling.

Time passed, and he grew careless,

not watching where he stepped

and enjoying the squishy mud, but

ensuring cleanliness before the feast.

Time passed, and one day, he could

not clean in time. He could not come in.

In the dark night he sat, outside the banquet

prone to cut-purses and cutthroats in the mud.

From the outside looking in, he saw the light

and realized for the first time how beautiful

it was contrasted from darkness. What he

had not given thought to, he wanted.

Time passed, and he learned to watch

his step and keep his wedding garment

clean, knowing its value at last.

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Written By :

Daniel Charland is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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