Night Lights

The rain roars quietly outside my window,

Cool drops pelting the sidewalk far below.

The wind whistles somewhere around the building,

Its aimless tune conducting the water,

Redirecting its path.


The horizon is inundated by a purple flash.

A blink-and-you-miss-it moment of glory.

That draws me, careening to the glass,

Icy marble under my hands,

Cold ghosting across my nose,

As I lean forward.


The electric pulse of downtown lays not far away,

Blinking red eyes,

Steady orange gazes,

And foggy white orbs

Soar above the streets,

Twinkle in the distance.

A welcoming blur,

Now blue, now red, now purple.

A trail of lamps hover above the river,

Flowing along in their rush from place to place.


Sparks pierce through the mist flowing beneath the street lamps,

Large drops of light

Forming, hesitating, falling

Burning bright for an instant,

Doused by darkness.

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