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DUBUQUE — With the release of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe has reached the double digits. What better way to celebrate =even rank them by highest grossing, I am going to rate them myself.

10.) Iron Man 2 – The sequel to the movie that started it all makes the bottom of the list. Though it had incredible graphics in the fight scenes, they were very short lived. Mickey Rourke did well as Whiplash, but then again it was a villain nobody was too attached to anyway. The film went all over the place, from drunken rock ‘em sock ‘em iron men fights to the villain being manipulated to a guy that was really hard to connect to.

9.) The Incredible Hulk – In terms of memorability, I would normally put Iron Man 2 before this. The movie was lackluster in terms of plot and development. Though Edward Norton did a nice job as Bruce Banner, I am glad Mark Ruffalo took over this role because he brought an interesting charm to the character. Fights between goliaths and Hulk smashes are always a treat. The plot seemed very plain for being the Hulk’s backstory. This movie could have been much more. I am hoping for a Hulk 2 sometime in the near future.

8.) Captain America: The First Avenger – Though it was not as fast moving as the other movies in this franchise, “Captain America” packs a punch in the second half of this movie. The Red Skull is a menacing villain who I would love to see back in the future. Captain America finds himself in this movie and shows you that having a big heart matters.

7.) Iron Man 3 – This movie made a ton of money, but personally I was truly disappointed. Though it had much comedic value, there was not as much Iron Man action, Pepper Potts’s storyline seemed really forced, and they attempted the same villain twist that they did in the first two.

6.) Thor 2: The Dark World – This movie packs a punch. Lots of action, lots of Loki.  It was cool to see Thor and Loki team up as brothers for the same cause. This movie was exciting and kept you on your toes. The only complaint presented is that they did not develop the villain, Malekith, as much as they should have to bring the plot to a full circle.

5.) Thor – Chris Hemsworth is the demi-god Thor and he does an exceptional job. This movie sets up Loki to be the big-bad of the Avengers who are just about to assemble. Thor finds a more humanistic side and the true power of Thor is explained as a backstory for this formerly lesser known hero.

4.) Iron Man – For the movie that starts it all, Marvel began to unravel its plans for a connected cinematic universe. The first Iron Man suit is created as this superhero fights stateside to protect New York City and become one of the most popular superheroes that we know today. Robert Downey Jr. kicks ass and takes names. He is Iron Man.

3.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier – With the most incredible hand to hand combat I have ever seen in live action, Captain America, Black Widow, and the Falcon battle Hydra, a Nazi organization taking over the government. This movie has the coolest villain, Bucky Barnes, the Captain’s childhood best friend who returns as a brainwashed assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He is truly an interesting character and plays quite a terrifying matchup for the heroes.

2.) The Avengers – Such a groundbreaking movie this is for the comic book centric movies. Marvel takes these established solo heroes and pits them up against an army of a deadly alien race, Thor’s brother Loki, and each other. The team has to battle through personal conflict to come together for a platter of superhero action that has the perfect balance of humor, action, acting and graphics.

1.) Guardians of The Galaxy – Marvel took a big risk with this movie, this oddball team of superheroes consisted of those that many people have never heard of in their life. Chris Pratt does a brilliant job of leading heroes consisting of jacked up aliens, a raccoon with guns and a tree, yes…a tree. I ranked this number one because they took characters I barely even knew and succeeded. Nobody stole the show and everyone had incredible moments of comedy and showed off individual combat action. I am excited to see them again in a sequel or eventually team up with the Avengers. It also helps that this movie has one of the best soundtracks that will make you sing along.

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