Message from Black Student Union

By Samantha Watts (TheLorian)

Julian Lewis, Anthony McClain, Dijon Kizzee, Daminan Daniels. These are just a few of the Black lives lost in Aug. of 2020. This list continues to grow with innocent Black lives being stolen by the hands of the people who swore to protect them. The killing of Black individuals has sparked fear and trauma within the Black community for generations. Every time the news shows another Black individual being brutally killed by the hands of law enforcement, it causes a deep pain within all of us. The killing and mistreatment of Black individuals must come to an end.

In recent months there have been thousands of petitions that have been signed, letters sent, social media posts, and peaceful demonstrations calling for justice for the Black lives lost. The Black community used our cries to call for justice in a time that seems like there was none. We filled the streets with nothing but our voices and were greeted with rubber bullets, tear gas, and riot gear. Yet we kept going.

 It is important to understand that police brutality happens everywhere and not just in big cities. It is important to understand that showing up to a small protest makes big impact. There was a small demonstration held here in Dubuque at the beginning of Sept. for Jacob Blake. By having different members within the Dubuque community come together to call for justice, it had a lasting impact. Simply showing up meant that you stood with the Black community in a time when we needed it most. It showed that you heard us, even if you don’t face the same issues as us.

With the elections coming up, it is so important to vote. Vote for someone who respects every ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, economic background, ect. It is so important to vote for the right people who will call for justice and support not only the Black community but all communities. We need someone who will say the names of the innocent Black lives that have been lost. There must be some type of change that happens so that the trauma that has been felt for generations ends here. As a community we need to stop dividing ourselves and come together to see real change. We need to come together and create change for the future. A future for our kids and grandkids where they do not have to fear going to get a bag of skittles, go for a run, drive their car, sleep in their homes, or even breathe.

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