Memories of Summer Camp

What did you do with your summers as a pre-teen and teen? Did you ever go to camp? I did. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Camp Skyline Ranch for Girls is amazing. It is located in the northeast corner of Alabama on top of Lookout Mountain and is a Christian affiliated camp. We have morning and evening devotions and campfires among daily activities. The motto of the camp is “Enriching young girls in God, relationships, and self.” When you get on the camp property, you can see this motto in everyone there. This place has impacted me in more ways than one, but the main way is with my friends.

My friends from camp are all AWESOME. They each bring something to the table that is unique and just plain amazing. I love each and every one to the moon and back. My friendships range from fellow campers to counselors. I would like to highlight a friendship with one of my former counselors. She was one of my counselors my last year, and we have stayed in touch ever since. The funny thing is, we were actually campers at the same time my first year! While at camp, we would spend a lot of time together with our other friends having jam sessions and just goofing off. One of my favorite memories was periodically she would come and put us to bed by singing to us and playing her guitar. On a serious note, she has taught me a lot. The impact is expressed in three words: Faith, self-esteem, and FUN. Her faith in God has inspired me to be more invested in my faith. My self-esteem was AWFUL my final two years in high school, and she helped immensely with that as well. Finally, her fun spirit is just so much fun to witness. Being around her is such a treat, and she is one special friend and her impact is one of the reasons why I am applying to be a counselor at camp next summer. I want to try to have the same impact she has had on me with other girls. It is priceless. To have at least one counselor that you can go to while at camp and have a friendship and mentorship with is HUGE.

Camp has had a giant impact on my life. I cannot imagine my life without it and my friends that I have met because of it.

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