Lorian ‘Lleven: 11 Saints on Every College Campus

1.   St. Joseph of Cupertino — patron of test-takers (we need all the help we can get)
2.  St. Augustine ­— patron of brewers (the ultimate frat boy of all saints)
3.  Venerable Matt Talbot — patron of sobriety (a very helpful intervention)
4.  St. Dymphna — patron of insanity (just … college in general … yeah)
5.  St. Isidore — patron of Internet (I’m looking at you, Loras wi-fi)
6.  St. Anthony — patron of lost items (like my mind during the week before finals)
7.  Mary Magdalene — patron of penitents (for after Saturday night)
8.  Thomas Aquinas — patron of students (for the struggles with our teachers)
9.  John Baptiste de la Salle — patrons of teachers (for dealing with us students)
10. Joseph — Loras’ patron saint (our boy!)
11.  St. Jude — patron of lost causes (aka my GPA)

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