Lorian ‘Leven: Breaking the at home blues

By Rose Gottschalk

With the holidays fast approaching, many people will be heading home for break. Whether it’s for a few days during Thanksgiving, several weeks for Christmas, or over a month because you’re not taking a J-term, home can get pretty, well, boring. During the school year, you itch to leave school and lie in your own bed and not have to wake up to walk across a cold campus, but by day three hanging around home can get pretty boring. Here are some things to do to avoid the College Break Bores.

1. Visit with family

Being home for break is the perfect time to visit relatives. Whether its grandma or the cousins, they’ll all be excited to see you and wanting to catch up on what you’ve been up too. Have an afternoon set aside to visit with everyone.

2. Visit with friends

During the holidays, plenty of people come back into town. It’s the perfect time to make a trip to visit some high school friends. Plan an afternoon and go ice skating or sledding with them.

3. Pick up a hobby

With no homework due in the next few days, pick up a hobby. It could be something new or something you haven’t done since school started up. Whatever the case, it can be easy to lose track of time while doing a hobby, making the break go faster.

4. Get a part-time or seasonal job

A job can create a routine, and a routine is exactly what is needed when time needs to go faster. There’s an opportunity to make new friends, make money, and be productive with your time.

5. Clean your room

One of the best ways to make use of your time is to tidy up your room. Being away at college, clutter can grow and accumulate in the room you aren’t occupying. If you aren’t using the things at home, why not donate it or give it to someone who could use it. Also, nothing will make mom feel prouder than coming home and seeing your room clean.

6. Re-explore your town

It isn’t hard to grow so accustomed to your college town that you start to forget where certain backroads go. Paths you took every day in high school become just roads while you’re gone. Re-familiarize yourself with these roads and remember those special moments before you left.

7. Get organized

This is a great thing to do in preparation for the next semester. It will help you get excited and feel prepared for upcoming classes. It feels great to pick up some new notebooks and it gets you looking forward to returning to school.

8. Take a road-trip to visit college friends

Even if break just started, sometimes seeing the friends made in college is the only way to get through the boredom. So, plan an afternoon and drive somewhere to get lunch with your roommate or neighbors.

9. Skype college friends

If you don’t have a car or can’t get out for a whole day, skyping friends from school is one way to help break the home blues. Add your roommates and neighbors and just talk the night away. It can help make you feel like you’re back at school and creates some excitement about going back.

10. Go shopping

If you’re home for Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping is a great way to spend time and relieve stress, especially with some tough weeks coming up. Even if it’s not Thanksgiving break, shopping is a great way to get out of the house and do something. Buy notebooks for next semester and work on #7, getting organized. Or treat yourself and nonsense-shop, buy things you really don’t need but want and will regret buying later.

11. Give back to community

This helps everyone involved. It will help the community and yourself. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or a local food dispensary not only makes you feel good and helps spread holiday cheer, but it’s a great way to help people in your community. Some people don’t get to have the traditional holiday meal, this is your way to make someone’s day better.

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Rose Gottschalk is a copy editor for The Lorian.

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