Lorian ‘Leven: 11 Thoughts You Probably Had During Your First Week Back at Loras

1. Was it this hot last year? Is it always going to be this hot?

2. Let me just check my schedule, and see where my classes are …
Oh … no that definitely says second floor, hah.

3. Fourth floor Hennessy, eh, it can’t be that bad, right?
Wait, I have 10 minutes to walk from Hoffman to Hennessy … oh no.

4. Where is Einstein’s?

5. I’m going to the AWC … no the ACC… no the…LIBRARY,
I’m going to the library and I hate acronyms.

6. What the crap is going on with the Pub, it can’t
be that different … oh wow … so many TVs …

7. Where is the air conditioning? SAVE ME.

8. I know I said I was going to try to be “healthy” this year but I
am not taking the stairs, nope. Elevator it is. *DING*

9. So everything I need to know about this semester is
on the syllabus, sweet. I’m going to look at it every day!

10. We were supposed to read that?! Oh it was on the syllabus,
okay … act cool, act cool, no one will notice if you breathe really quietly..

11. Are you a first year, or have I just never seen you before in my life?
But actually … what year are you?

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