Lorian ‘Leven: 11 Thoughts You Have During Class

1. Maybe class will get let out early. That would be great, because then I can get my laundry done, and then I can wear clean clothes this week.

2. Really … five minutes?! It has only been five minutes?!

3. OK, this material isn’t that bad.

4. Just kidding, I don’t understand any of this. What is the teacher even talking about? What was the connection between plans for the weekend and the answer to the meaning of life?

5. That kid is totally about to fall asleep. I am about to fall asleeee …  z z z … But seriously, I need sleep, why is class so exhausting

6. Pft, are you actually taking notes?…wait, should I be taking notes? I should probably be taking notes.

7. Something smells weird … is it body odor? Or maybe that girls feet! Ohhh, or it could be that guy’s sandwich.

8. Oooh oh oh yes! We only have 5 minutes left, and I don’t even care that I’m going to get yelled at for packing up early.

9. How much time is this homework going to take? Is studying going to take longer than the homework, I don’t have enough time, maybe I should just drop this class.

10. Nope, I definitely need to stay in this class. It could totally be applicable to my future profession.


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