11 Things to Keep in Mind during this WACK Winter

  1. The weather is changing constantly, so keep an eye on it
    1. One of the worst aspects of this winter has been the drastic changes in temperature, causing snow to melt and then freeze as ice, and then having snow on top of that. Keep an eye on the weather and plan accordingly, and be cautious when walking on top of snow in case there is ice.
  2. The groundhog did not see his shadow
    1. On Feb. 2, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow. This was fantastic news, especially after the polar vortex we experienced. Since there was no shadow, we should be getting a much needed early spring.
  3. Inside is where the warmth is
    1. Avoiding going outside to stay warm, especially on the extra cold days. Still go to your classes, but minimize how much you travel by planning ahead and bring an extra book so you don’t have to go outside.
  4. It isn’t a crime to wear pajamas to class
    1. It can be argued that pajamas are some of the warmest and most comfortable clothes around. Keep this in mind when choosing an outfit, because you can wear pajamas to class and bring the warmth with you during a lecture or exam.
  5. Spring begins on March 20
    1. In about a month, it will officially be spring. This thought alone should help us carry out the rest of the month and hold on through these last few winter storms.
  6. You can easily walk around with a blanket
    1. Again, people will think you’re a genius. You can be warm outside and then be cozy in class or during lunch. You can wrap it around your shoulders like a cape or pull it over your head so it’s a hat. It’s a perfect, practical way to stay warm.
  7. Setting up shop in your building of choice is a smart idea
    1. If all your classes are in Hoffman one day, bring food and enough things to keep you occupied between classes and stay there. You can hammer out a paper or a reading, be on time to all your classes, and stay out of the cold.
  8. Spring is right around the corner, hold on
    1. Seriously, temperatures are getting warmer. Spring is so close, and we can make it until then.
  9. You survived a Polar Vortex
    1. This is an incredible thing that happens maybe twice in a lifetime. And Loras College survived it. Hold that over your future kid’s heads when they complain about the cold.
  10. Layers can keep out the cold
    1. Multiple socks or jackets will keep the cold out. Make sure you’re prepared so that you don’t freeze trying to get to class. It may not be as cold as it was, but it’s still possible to get frostbite. Avoid this and wear the proper gear outside.
  11. Seriously, you’ve got this. Spring is so close
    1. It may not seem like it, but Spring will come. Follow safety tips, keep an eye on emails, and be prepared for a couple more snow storms. But beyond this, Spring will come.
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Rose Gottschalk is a copy editor for The Lorian.

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