Lorian ‘Leven: 11 Reasons We Love to Hate Autumn

Once again, we’re forced to say goodbye to bikinis, sunscreen, sandals and the heat as summer officially ended on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Maybe we’re being bitter and pessimistic, but autumn just doesn’t compete with the summer season. Here are 11 reasons we love to hate autumn:

1. Iowa autumn weather can be beautiful, but unreliable. You’ve decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt on this warm morning? You can bet it’ll be sixty degrees and thunderstorming this afternoon.

2. Around this time of the year, buildings either have the windows open or the air on full blast. Remember how much we loved the ARC’s air conditioning in the summer? Now, we’re cursing their freezing classrooms, especially during our 8am class.

3. Dead leaves everywhere, all the time. Sure, the colors are spectacular, but we really don’t want them in our cars, in our book bags and in our houses.

4. Daylight savings time means an extra hour of sleep in the fall. However, it also means that it gets dark at 5pm. So, as you wake up to a setting sun after a late-afternoon nap, you can expect to feel panicked, disappointed and confused.

5. Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice Pop-Tarts, pumpkin spice bagels, pumpkin spice oatmeal, pumpkin spice tea, pumpkin spice M&M’s, pumpkin spice Oreos …. ENOUGH … however, even I won’t turn down a pumpkin spice Scentsy.

6. Ahh, the fresh air of fall … combined with stench of football players and fans. Whether you’re a fan of football or not, it’s here to stay until February. At least fantasy football involves less odor.

7. You probably started this semester like all the rest – you’re going to read all the assignments, study every night and get plenty of sleep. Too bad all of our favorite TV shows are starting a new season including: Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory, CSI, Dancing With the Stars and How to Get Away With Murder.

8. Now that the fall season has arrived, we get to hear the dispute between ‘autumn’ or ‘fall’… as if it actually matters.

9. You will become sick sometime this season. It’s inevitable, so suck it up and stock up on cough drops, NyQuil and tissues.

10. Yes! Two holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) combined into one season. Ironically, one involves greedily asking for candy and the other being thankful for what you already have…

11. Fall is basically pre-winter, and winter is the absolute worst season. Therefore, by association, fall is one of the worst seasons.

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