Lorian ‘Leven: 11 First-Year Thoughts after Their First Homecoming

1. I have the most school spirit that has ever graced this campus. I will do everything in my power to literally bleed purple and win gold at this point.

2. What is that smell? Did it smell this bad in the dorms last weekend?

3. It’s not all about winning, right? Right?

4. I fully understand why we like our alumni so much. They’re good people.

5. Wait, how did we fit so many people in at the tailgate?

6. That’s what the Miracle Mile is?

7. I hope they didn’t sell out of everything at the bookstore.

8. I will never party again.

9. Please stay safe.

10. One thousand thanks to maintenance for cleaning the dorms so quickly. We needed it.

11. I am proud to be a Duhawk!

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