Loras Royal Court

Loras Royal Court is an innovative, student driven group that aims to raise money for the local charities of Dubuque by bringing familiar Disney characters and music to children. It uses songs from well-known Disney movies which are transformed into four-part a cappella songs and featuring a desired prince or princess. Loras Royal Court acts as music therapy for the children displaced in hospitals. The interactions of the characters accompanied with music brings positivity and hope to the children they encounter.

The founder of this student group is Antonia Rupert, a sophomore on campus. She was inspired to start Loras Royal Court because she had participated in a similar group in high school. She loved seeing the joy on children’s faces when “the princesses that they usually only see in movies walk in.”

She describes the moment as “seeing the sun come through the clouds on a sunny day.”

Antonia wanted to share this opportunity with the people here at Loras College. She believes Duhawks have kind hearts, and this is something our campus would excel at.

Fellow sophomore Kristen Hirsch is looking forward to Loras Royal Court because of its main goal. She said, “It’s always exciting to work with people who are trying to make a difference in someone else’s life because no one is really participating for their own sake. All the time and effort we put into rehearsals and getting into character benefits the people we will be visiting, and our reward in the end will be making their day a bit brighter.”

She believes, “A person’s time and attention are two of the best gifts they can give to someone else, and that’s what we plan to do with the Loras Royal Court. We want to leave a lasting impression on the people we visit and make them feel genuinely special. If I can answer anything else for you, let me know!”

The student who will play Peter Pan, sophomore Skye Miller, reflected, “Joining Royal Court was a no brainer to me. If I have a chance to put a smile on the faces of families going through tough times during their stay at hospitals, I’m going to do that. Even if it means dressing up in green tights.”

Loras Royal Court has many goals for this year, which include a bake sale to raise money for costumes, a tea party for local mothers and daughters, and performances at hospitals every other month. Keep an eye out for their events.

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