Local Dog: Cooler Than You

Last Wednesday, a golden Chihuahua named Vivian – better known by her rap name, The Notorious V.I.V. – was spotted in the backpack of Loras senior Neil Bingham while running an errand with said human. Upon further investigation, we learned that this impressive puppy is even more amazing than her “50 percent amazing, 50 percent terrific” Facebook bio suggests.

The honorary Duhawk came onto the scene just under a year ago when Thomas Greffly found her sifting through a dumpster eating garbage. According to the veterinarian, she was on her own for approximately a year before being found. Her humans updated her shots and nursed her back to health. She now thoroughly enjoys her off-campus home and Duhawk family.

Before asking her human Bingham for comment, we predicted that she is very much the house princess. We were right!

“She literally just lays around. She’s so mellow, we are convinced she’s actually a cat and not a dog,” explains Bingham. In an interview with The V.I.V. herself, she offered but one piece of advice to all Duhawks, “Bork, bork, yap, yap, bork,” directly translating to “Life’s too short to not eat garbage sometimes.” This means, “Take chances and take care of each other, because you’re in a good place even if it doesn’t seem like it now.”

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