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For the past year and a half, Melissa Jefferson, A.K.A. Lizzo, has been hiding in the shadows. Around April this past year, Netflix released the new feature movie Someone Great. Since Netflix is such a huge streaming platform, it took a matter of days before the spotlight landed on Modern Hip-hop and R&B star Lizzo, shining on her older single “Truth Hurts.”

This past May, Lizzo completed the album that includes “Truth Hurts” and has been releasing music videos non-stop. Her single is currently the highest song on Billboards “‘Top 100’ chart, has been for the past 4 weeks,” and has been in the ‘top 100 for the past 20 weeks’” (Billboard). The album she released in May, Cuz I Love You, is dubbed the main reason her song became so popular. Along with the album Cuz I love You, Lizzo has released one EP, Coconut Oil. This EP was released prior to her newest album in 2016 and contains six songs. Lizzo has also released six singles, two of which have been put on Cuz I Love You.

The album Cuz I love You has 14 songs and has a running time of 42 minutes. You can find her under the pop genre of Apple Music and Spotify. Her newer album Cuz I love You, is an anthem for anyone who is going through or has been through a breakup from someone close to them. The album starts with “Cuz I Love You,” a song about heartbreak and longing and quickly shifts into “Like a Girl” a woman-power fueled song that encourages listeners to be themselves and achieve what they set their minds to. This powerful and confident tone continues throughout the next two songs “Juice” and “Soulmate.” In “Jerome,” the following song on the album, Lizzo relates to most listeners by singing about relationships with exes; you can feel the pain and disappointment that is conveyed to the man she is singing about. Her next song, “Crybaby” is about the broken trust and pain that occurs during a breakup. To switch listeners back into more of a confident and amatory mood, Lizzo follows up with the upbeat song “Tempo” featuring Missy Elliot. To keep the mood high, she has the song “Exactly How I Feel,” featuring Gucci Mane, another upbeat anthem that talks about empowerment and moving away from pain. The next three songs, “Better in Color,” “Heaven Help Me,” and “Lingerie” continue with a confident and free tone. Her second to last song, “Truth Hurts” is about seeing the truth in every situation, specifically when trying to find love; it may not always be easy to find, but listeners are encouraged to dust themselves’ off and move on. To finish off an amazing album, Lizzo has another confidence-filled anthem about loving yourself and being free from the burdens of others.

Lizzo has been highly praised within the music industry. If you are not a huge fan of R&B, Lizzo also adds elements of rap and pop to her songs. She appeals to all sorts of genres within her music, resulting in her popularity. If you have some free time this weekend, give her a listen.

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