Krissy’s Coffee Shop Review

Rubix Coffee Bar & Deli has been a favorite coffee shop among Dubuque locals and college students alike since it opened last year. This summer, it changed locations from downtown to the corner of Grandview and Delhi Street. And while the location might have changed, the coffee sure hasn’t! Thank the Lord.

Rubix offers an array of coffee drinks, which range from a typical Americano to various specialties which includes the Wake-Me-Up which is 20 ounces of white chocolate, caramel, vanilla, white and dark espresso. (PSA: Don’t try to take a nap right after drinking it; sleep will not overtake you.) Along with their coffee drinks, they offer all-fruit smoothies, organic juices and various options for breakfast and lunch.

While I was waiting for my Camel Hump, which is a caramel and tiramisu-flavored coffee drink, I was able to talk to one of the baristas, Brittany. While talking about Rubix, she told me that “we pride ourselves on really great and innovative coffee drinks with amazing customer service.” Having been a frequent customer of this coffee establishment for the past couple of months, I would say that I can definitely attest to both the coffee and the customer service. Knowing how familiar she must be with the Rubix menu, I asked what her favorite drink is. She told me that Honeycomb (white espresso, honey and macadamia nut) was her favorite, today at least. One last comment from Brittany amidst chatting about coffee was that “I’d put the stuff straight in my veins if I could.” Clearly a woman after my own heart.

I recommend Rubix to any and all college students because of the affordable prices, friendly baristas, and the fact that I can most assuredly say you that you will not be disappointed by any drink you order. Also, if you sign up for their “rewards,” the tenth coffee you purchase is FREE.

Warning: the only downside to the new location is that there is no seating available in Rubix, so just be ready to have your coffee to go.

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