Krissy’s Coffee Shop Review

The word that comes to mind when one thinks of Inspire Café is funky, in the best possible way. The layout of Inspire is a great place for hanging out with friends, a coffee date, or for a study session. There are large pieces of artwork all around the café, ranging from the abstract paintings hanging from the walls, to the mural painted of various Dubuque landmarks, or the really sweet electric fireplace (it has purple fire). The café has really eclectic seating arrangements as well, so whether you are the type to chill at coffee shops solo or with a bunch of your friends, there’s comfy seats all around.

Onto the actual coffee consumption. All the espresso drinks seen on the menu are made with two shots of espresso, so be prepared for the caffeine boost. They offer a variety of lattes and mochas with a twist, like their Mayan Mocha which is made with spiced chocolate, and most if not all of their espresso drinks come with chocolate covered coffee beans on the side. Nuff said. The house coffee is on a monthly rotation and is always from Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co. located in St. Louis. Inspire picked Kaldi’s to be their roaster because of the delicious espresso they supply.

Not only is Inspire Café passionate about delivering a good cup of coffee to their customers, but they have a pretty amazing mission statement which is, according to their website:

“To passionately serve exceptional food and beverages while promoting authentic connection, inspiration and community engagement. As an anchor of community life, Inspire Café is a catalyst for transformation dedicated to making a beautiful difference in our world.”

Their values are based on essentially being connected and gathering as a community at various events that Inspire Café holds on a weekly basis. This can range from live music to slam poetry to just random fun stuff. Just make sure to double check it’s not an event specifically for people ages 21+, otherwise you’ll look awkward in the windows…believe me, I know. At Inspire they are also dedicated to leaving behind a small carbon footprint — shoutout to sustainability, amiright?

So if you enjoy or think you’d enjoy any and all the ideals Inspire promotes, or just want a good mocha, come and visit!

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