Krissy’s Coffee Shop Review

This coffee shop shares a location with the independently-run cinema Mindframe Theaters, and is a great place if you just want to casually grab a cup of coffee and hang out. When you walk through the doors to the theater, on one side is the concession stand/ticket booth, and facing it is coffee stand flanked by comfy couches and random board games. Feel free to get some coffee before or after a movie. AND  don’t forget there’s a coupon in the book given to the students at the beginning of the year for a free 12 oz drink with the purchase of another beverage.

The menu is split is into coffee drinks and coffee-less drinks, which I think is genius. It perfectly sets up the customer with a formula for the perfect drink:

1. you decide if you want a coffee or coffee-less drink,

2. you decide whether you want your drink hot or iced or blended,

3. you choose dairy or non-dairy,

4. you choose a flavor shot (regular or sugar-free),

5. finally, you decide on what size you want.

Ta-da you have the perfect drink! This coffee shop offers a plethora of drinks ranging from smoothies to tea to a delicious set of Autumn Classics, which include Pumpkin Spice Latte, Chai Latte, Velvet Mocha, and Witches Brew (hot spiced caramel apple cider – I KNOW).
Molly’s Silver Screen Canteen is a huge supporter of fair trade and shade-grown farming cooperatives. As advertised on their website, they offer compostable coffee cups, which shows that they care immensely not only about the products they serve their customers, but also the mark their drinks leave on the greater community. Just knowing that whatever you choose to drink is ethically chosen for you to consume, makes your drink that much more satisfying.

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