Krissy’s Coffee Shop Review

Jitterz Coffee & Cafe is the ideal coffee shop for a college student. It has a spacious interior and plenty of tables to sprawl out and crank out some homework, not to mention it’s inexpensive– no drink on the menu is over $5. Jitterz strives to bring its customers a conscious cup of coffee and have a delicious variety of coffee drinks. They offer a huge array of flavors for lattés ranging from Brown Sugar with Cinnamon to Bananas Foster. They also have an expansive tea selection, various types of treats, and amazing ice cream.

I was able to talk to the co-owner of Jitterz, Billy Henson, and ask him a few questions about the coffee shop. One of my favorite things to ask baristas is what their favorite drink on the menu is. When Billy shared his favorite drink with me, I was surprised to find out that it was simply black coffee. He told me that “each roast, each batch, each origin, I adjust the flavor profiles … it’s my art.” His art is truly present in each cup that is served.

I asked him about how Jitterz started up. Let me just say this: it all started with an oil man in Alaska who wanted to become a part of the revitalization that was occurring in downtown Dubuque a few years ago. Billy told me that the owner “wanted to reinvest in downtown Dubuque … and be a part of something bigger.”

This idea of being a part of something bigger than just the establishment is a key component to the DNA of Jitterz. This becomes increasingly more apparent with the various drinks that it offers, which happen to be mostly fair trade and organic. Billy told me that all the coffee that Jitterz offers to its customers is “all coffee that makes a difference.” The man that is in charge of supplying Jitterz with coffee beans makes sure to get them from areas that need help, whether that be war-torn villages or places recovering from natural disasters. Billy says that “he likes to find the hidden gem of coffee.”

However, this conscious cup of coffee does not end with the coffee itself. In fact it goes all the way down to the coffee cup. Their cups have no petroleum in them, and all paper products used are recycled. They are willing to spend the extra money to make sure that they do their part in caring for the environment.

I eventually asked Billy what he wanted his customers to take away from Jitterz he said, Jitterz is a “coffee shop that is willing to go the extra mile, to give the customers the best cup” and that they will “continue to do the right thing, even if it costs extra for us to provide the best service and products possible.”

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