Journey to the Top of the Beanstalk

Sarwan Moghamis (TheLorian)

Proteus, now human, young, and Queen Cinderella’s lead knight, is summoned by her. She tells him that the Godmother’s staff is losing its power. She used most of the power to help Proteus. She needs the power to complete her plan of dominance over the entire kingdom. She tells Proteus to journey to the top of a magical beanstalk and find a chest with a carving of a rose. Cinderella gives Proteus a map to the beanstalk. He and a few knights begin their journey.

Meanwhile, Miranda wakes up lying on a sailing ship. Her arms and legs are tied together with rope. Her red cloak lies on the ground next to her. A man in a captain’s uniform, a hook in replacement of his left hand, and thick red facial hair stands over her.

The man introduces himself as Captain Red Beard. Miranda looks at the man with disgust and demands to be released. He claims that there is a significant reward out for Red Riding Hood’s capture.

Miranda offers him a larger reward if he lets her go. Red Beard denies her offer, knowing that she has no gold or silver now that Cinderella is queen again. He still unties her and forces her to work with his crew; then when it’s time, he’ll turn her in.

Red Beard’s first mate, one of the seven dwarfs named Smitty, hands him a map, also leading to the beanstalk. Red Beard is after the same chest as Cinderella and Proteus. He claims that he must get there before Cinderella or she’ll be too powerful.

The journey takes three days at sea. Miranda is treated differently by the other crewmates, given that she is a woman. The crew mates do everything for her rather than letting her do any work. She spends her time eavesdropping on Red Beard and Smitty.

Red Beard catches her. He threatens to beat her but stops after seeing the fear in her eyes. Instead, he tells her to join him and Smitty. Once they arrive at the island that held the beanstalk, the three prepare to climb.

The journey to the top of the beanstalk takes hours. After reaching the top, they enter a tower made of black bricks. They enter the tower and begin their search.

The tower is filled with piles of treasure such as gold, silver, and jewels. There are other mysterious chests and maps. Miranda finds the chest with the carving of a rose. Suddenly, giants, trolls, ghouls, and ogres attack. The trio quickly hides.   

Proteus and his knights charge in. Proteus sacrifices his knights to the monsters while he takes the chest. Red Beard chases after Proteus, but the pirate is not fast enough.

Red Beard looks back at Miranda and Smitty. He grabs them and rushes out of the tower. As Miranda and Smitty climb down the beanstalk, Red Beard recognizes a shiny object that draws him away from the beanstalk.

Later on, Proteus returns to Cinderella with the chest. She opens it. Inside is a glowing, floating, rose. Cinderella looks at the rose with an evil grin.

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