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I got to catch up with the Jeffrey Roberts. Roberts is the Career Services Coordinator here at Loras. I spoke with him and asked him numerous questions about his time at Loras.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of your job?
“When students report that they got the job, or got into the grad program they truly desired through something I helped them with i.e. resume, cover letter, grad school statement, that fires me up. My least favorite part of my job is watching jobs go to students from other campuses when Duhawks decline invitations to interview with employers visiting our campus.”

Loras has been blessed with Robert’s help for eight years now. I’m sure that all those years have really flown by.

What makes you come back every year?
“The love of Loras and its students, great colleagues in CEL, the super faculty and staff and the challenge of creating the best outcomes possible. Most students among area colleges and universities are attending the annual Leaders Lunch, 100 percent on the Graduate Outcomes Research, and there was a new record for student engagement rates in the annual Mock Interview Competition.”

What is your favorite time killer outside of Loras?
“From a seasonal perspective it is practicing golf on a driving range. Year-round, it is playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. Prayer is in the mix as is pleasure reading.”

What is the funniest story while on the job?
“One year I received an invitation to visit Disney in Orlando, FL, and learned more about their College Program (Internship). A heavy snowstorm hit the area as I was leaving  and my flight out of the city and in the connecting terminal of Cleveland, OH, was the last one out before both were shut down. I guess God wanted me in Florida.”

What’s the normal routine while on the job?
“Guide students and alumni in their career success, build positive working relationships with different employer groups, lead professionally, and track down information on our graduates.”

What is the most memorable moment while working at Loras?
“That day in the spring of 2014 when we accounted for the last member of the Class of 2013, bringing us up to 100 percent in gathering reliable career outcome information, whereas the national contact rate varies between 50-60 percent Our community was in rare standing. It was a total community effort (and some luck and prayer) that led to this rare outcome. For the Class of 2017, if anyone knows what Shelly Cox, Nathan Fuller, Nathan Kratz, Michael Bresticker and Phillip Scarboro are doing, we can reach 100 percent again.”

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James Kappes is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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