How well do you know Loras College?

When was Loras College founded?


What is our mascot?

Dewey the Duhawk

What Loras building used to have a bowling alley?

The Field House

What is the highest point on campus?

The top of Keane hall

What percentage of Loras College students are athletes?


What Guinness World Record does Loras College hold?

The most books on checkers

Why doesn’t Loras College’s cafeteria have trays anymore?

We do not have trays for food anymore because students used to steal them and sled on them.

Which three people are buried in Christ the King Chapel and Keane?

Aloysius Schmitt and Mr. and Mrs. Wahlert

Where was the old library located?

Wahlert hall

What does LEAF stand for?

Loras Environmental Action Forum

How many years has dance marathon been on campus?

15 years

How many sports are there on campus?


What does CAB stand for?

College Activities Board

What is the new name for the IPO?

The Center for Inclusion and Advocacy

What animal was allegedly taken up to the 5th floor of Keane?

A cow

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