Hidden Gens of Netflix

It’s April: that magical time of the year where students across Loras and the nation are getting a head start on their summer tans, perfectly winging their eye liner, finally earning those gains and organizing their best summer yet before taking their position at Vice Media to investigate how the urban farming boom is raising fertility rates in whales living off the coast of Reykjavik, Iceland. Just kidding. If you’re anything like me, your professors have discussed an agreement to assign you a collective 387 pages of reading, 48 pages of annotated writing, three presentations and a performance in the same week; the summer internship at the local dump just fell through; and you got an email from Kyle Klapatauskas that includes the word “concerned.” So long story short, life is hard and we all need a little breather.

While some excellent ways to unwind and relax can include a trip to the beach or a hike through the Mines, sometimes Netflix & Alone will do the trick. With that being said, the usual shows won’t cut it in this especially critical period of school related tension. Here are four suggestions that you may not have considered:

If you like reality television: “House Hunters: Tiny Homes Edition.” Watch semi-functional adults make bigger decisions than you while making sure to add as much unnecessary drama as possible. A typical setting for these shows are coastal cities like Tampa and Malibu with the occasional Texan wildcard. Stare in disbelief as realtors sell two-bedroom yurts at the low, low price of $700,000. Wait in agony as the buyers humbly point out obvious flaws of the wooden box they chose and overlooked for the sake of their happy, healthy future.

If you like experimental film styles: “Documentary Now!” Bill Hader and Fred Armisen analyze popular documentaries of the past and recreate their famous scenes in classic IFC style. Each 20-minute episode is different, so really it’s a no fail spaghetti-at-the-wall series if you’re in the mood for anything (and I mean anything: music, horror, festivals — they cover it all). In the natural flamboyance of the Hader/Armisen duo, it must be mentioned that their comedy is not for everybody.

If you need a reminder that you’re not a full adult yet: “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.” This beautiful piece of art serves as a token from our past that reminds us that the future is bright. Two best friends choose to overlook the pain placed on their shoulders by their elders to retrieve a crown and save everybody in Neptune’s kingdom from a small but powerful green menace.

If you prefer to de-stress in deep thought: “V for Vendetta.” This film requires some effort to watch, but encapsulates everything we are called to ponder as college students. This is basically the story that would happen if “1984” and “The Phantom of The Opera” had a baby.  A masked vigilante seeks to restore justice to a nation but does so by acts of terrorism and violence. It prompts questions like “Is violence ever justifiable?” and “Is identity malleable?” If depth is what you desire, James McTeigue and The Wachowskis deliver.

If these four titles don’t suit your fancy, I highly recommend looking beyond the popular titles and find a show that’s unique to your preferences. You don’t have to jump on the “Friends” bandwagon and be less than satisfied in your de-stress/de-school experience. Get creative and get excited because a tiny break can help you more than you think.

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