‘Hamilton’: My Experience

On Tuesday Oct. 17, I had the amazing chance to see a little show known as “Hamilton: An American Musical.” It was honestly the coolest show I have ever seen, and it makes me feel so grateful to be able to say I have seen it since it is so popular and is taking the world by storm. After listening to the soundtrack countless amounts of times and being absolutely obsessed with the show, it was cool to be able to sit in on the show and finally see it. The show is about one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, and his quest to make our country what it is today.  His face is on the 10 dollar bill. The show was written by Lin Manuel Miranda who wrote the show “In the Heights” and helped create the Disney movie “Moana.” Miranda got the idea for Hamilton by reading Ron Chernow’s book “Alexander Hamilton.” This show is unlike any musical I have ever seen, and I will tell you why.

Hamilton is not the typical ritzy and glitzy musical with tap dancing. It is a musical that is all sung with the exception of a few spoken lines. The music is hip hop infused with rap. Instead of saying lines, actors rap them along to the music. Then, they sing. It is really cool to see this unfold, especially since there really is not any other music like it out right now. The entire show is basically the soundtrack, just on a stage with sets and people playing the parts. I absolutely love the soundtrack, and so listening to it before the show helped a lot because it made me better understand the entire show because the show goes so fast.

Every song in the show serves a purpose in the story and is also super catchy. Since I know the soundtrack by heart, it was next to impossible to not sing along. My favorite song from the entire show is “What’d I Miss.”It is such a jazzy song and very catchy. It kicks off the second act with a bang. During intermission, I was standing in a long line to buy Twizzlers when they started to flicker the lights to signal everyone to go back to their seats. I bolted up a flight of stairs to be in my seat at the start of the song. It could not be missed. The cast in the show really brought it during that song, and honestly the cast is what makes the entire show what it is.

The Chicago cast is the best. They each bring something to the show that is so unique. My favorite cast member is Chris Lee who plays Marquis De Lafayette in the first act and Thomas Jefferson in the second act. He is a force to be reckoned with, and has one of the fastest (if not the fastest) raps in the entire show. He stole the show in the sense that he has so much energy and appears to be having a really great time. His signature song in the show is actually “What’d I Miss.” His energy makes the song what it is. During the show, Chris must have looked at me close to ten times because we were sitting by a light. Every time he looked at me, I got super excited. Every time he was on stage, I loved it because it was sure to be an exciting time.

It is crazy to think about the ride this show has been on. From opening at the Public Theatre in New York City, to going to the Richard Rogers on Broadway, to opening a show in Chicago and the Hamilton tour, this show is a beast. Other shows have a lot to live up to. I cannot wait to see where this show goes in the future.

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Audrey Peterson is a writer for The Lorian.

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